José Alkon was born and raised in Perú till migrating to Australia with his family as an eight year old. This passionate latino was born for adventure. Whether it is in the middle of the Amazon jungle battling jaguars, dodging bullets in Costa Rica or rescuing puppies in The Outback, José lives for a good story.

José studied film production at university in Sydney and in the US, then sharpened his teeth as a camera assistant on television dramas and working on the broadest range of shoots the film and television industry could offer. From TVCs, music videos, live broadcasts, reality, documentaries, there isn’t much he hasn’t worked on. At the same time during those years he crafted his skills shooting music videos, short films and other personal projects that eventually led him to the path of cinematography.

For the past decade José has created award-winning imagery for local and international clients cementing career long working relationships and admiration for his work, professionalism and character. A stylish man at heart however he refuses to limit himself to a particular ‘style’ and rather revels in adapting the right look for each individual project. He strongly believes that beautiful images capture your attention but not always the heart of a story which should be at the forefront of every project.

José looks forward to collaborating with passionate like minded people to create captivating stories and naturally always with a smile 🙂